Kenya Airways Booking and Flight Specials

Kenya Airways Online Booking & Flight Specials

Book Your Flight with Kenya Airways – Flight Schedule and Price Specials

Kenya Airways is the flagship carrier of Kenya and was founded in 1977, after the dissolution of East African Airways. Their head office can be found in Embakasi, Nairobi, and their hub is located at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


At first, the airline was completely controlled by the Kenyan government. This changed in 1996 when the airline was privatised, and in doing so, became the first African airline to accomplish this change successfully.


In January 2013, Kenya Airways was praised for being one of the best Sub-Saharan carriers. It was also ranked 4th in seat capacity Africa behind South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and EgyptAir. It became a full member of SkyTeam in 2010.

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Kenya Airways Booking | General Flight Information

Check-In requirements

Travel Documents

Kenya Airways cannot and will not be held responsible for any passengers missing any flights or connecting flights due to not having the correct or valid travel documents. This includes identification, passports, boarding passes, and visas.


When travelling domestically, passengers are required to present a valid form of identification or passport, as well as a valid boarding pass, before they are allowed through the boarding gates and onto the aircraft.


When travelling internationally, passengers are required to present a valid passport, a valid boarding pass, as well as any visa/visas that are required to enter the country they are travelling to.


You are able to check in at the airport at the check-in desks. For international departures, passengers are required to check in at least 2 and a half hours before departure. Domestic travellers should check in 1 and a half hours before departures.


For international flights, the check-in desks close one hour prior to your time of departure. For domestic flights, the check-in counters will close 30 minutes before your time of departure.


You are also able to check in online on the Kenya Airways website. Check-in online opens 30 hours before your time of departure, and it closes two hours before your time of departure.

Business Class Lounges

Premium members are allowed to enjoy the comfort and facilities available at the airport. They are also able to have guests that can join them. These guests do need to pay a fee to enter. These fees can be found on the Kenya Airways website.

Domestic Flights

Kenya Airways flies to three different airports domestically, namely, Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. This gives passengers the freedom to fly to the major cities and then on to their destinations.

International Flights

Internationally, Kenya Airways serves 53 countries across the globe. Many of their destinations are situated in Africa, but they do have routes into Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Kenya Airways Return Route Prices

From To Lowest Price
Lagos Nairobi ₦502,647.92
Lagos Kisumu ₦535,291.27

Kenya Airways Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage

If you are a Premier World flyer, you will be allowed two pieces of luggage with each having a maximum weight of 32 kgs. If you are an Economy flyer, you will be allowed two pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kgs each.


Please refer to the Kenya Airways website if you have any questions about your baggage allowance. It is advised that you clarify this allowance well in advance of your departure date.

Cabin or Hand Baggage

If you are traveling Premier World, you are allowed 1 piece of carry-on luggage and two accessories, with a maximum weight of 18 kgs. If you are traveling Economy, you are allowed 1 piece and 2 accessories with a maximum weight of 12 kgs.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage charges are dependant on your country of origin. Please refer to the Kenyan Airlines website to find out how much you will need to pay. This should be done well in advance of your departure to avoid any inconvenience.

Kenya Airways Contact Details

If you require any assistance or have a query, please refer to the relevant contact page that can be found on the Kenya Airways website.