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About Iberia

Iberia is the national carrier for Spain and is headquartered at Madrid-Barajas Airport. Not only do they transport passengers and freight, Iberia also carries out activities such as aircraft maintenance, handling in airports, IT systems, and in-flight catering.

On the 8th of April 2010, Iberia merged with British Airways, thus making it the third largest commercial airline by revenue. The newly merged company was established in January 2011, but both airlines still operate under their own brands.

Iberia operates routes across the globe, including Israel, Kuwait, China, and Russia. They only carry to three Asian destinations, China, Russia and Japan, but they have multiple destinations across South America, the Middle East and Europe.

General Flight Information

Travel Documents

Each passenger is responsible for obtaining their own travel documentation. No refunds will be provided to passengers who miss their flight or arrive at the airport with the proper documentation to fly.

For domestic flights, a valid form of identification and a valid boarding pass is required before boarding the plane. For international flights, a valid passport and boarding pass is required, as well as any relevant VISA.


Check-in can be done online, 24 hours before your flight is due to depart. If you can not check-in online, you can check in at the airport or an Iberia kiosk prior to your flight, ensure you are at the airport and checked-in at least 2 hours before you are due to depart.

Business Class Lounge

With multiple types of Business Class options available, the VIP lounges that you can access are determined by your ticket type. Get into contact with your travel agent or carrier to find out if you qualify for a VIP at one of the chosen airports.

Domestic Flights

Iberia operates domestic flights across Spain, including Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Madrid, Minorca, Palma de Mallorca, Santander, Seville, Tenerife and many others across the country.

International Flights

Iberia operates flights in Europe, North and South America, Central America, Africa and the Middle East. Cities include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cuba, Panama, Bogota, Caracas, Algiers, Oran, Rabat, and Tel Aviv.

Iberia One-Way Route Prices

Domestic One-Way Routes

Madrid to Seville = $100 – $200
Barcelona to Santander = $130 – $250

International One-Way Routes

Madrid to Los Angeles = $3600 – $4000
Tel Aviv to London = $990 – $ 2000

Iberia Return Route Prices


Madrid to Seville = $100 – $200
Barcelona to Santander = $140 – $250


Madrid to Los Angeles = $900 – $1500
Tel Aviv to London = $750 – $ 1500

Iberia Baggage Policy

Checked-in Baggage

You are allowed to check one bag that weighs no more than 20 kgs. You can pay excess weight fees on a bag, with the maximum weight allowed is 32 kgs. Any bag over 32 kgs will not be allowed on the plane.

Free Baggage

If you are a Business Club Traveller, the excess fee does not apply to you, but you are still only allowed to travel with a bag that weighs no more than 32 kgs.

Hand/Carry-on Luggage

You are allowed one piece of carry-on luggage if you are a tourist traveler or a Business Club short/medium haul traveler. You are allowed to pieces of carry-on luggage if you are a Business Plus Long Haul Traveler.

Iberia Contact Information

For further information regarding your flight, bookings, or anything related to Iberia, head to their website where an online assistant will help you with your query.

Telephone Sales – 0800 99 0824

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