Hotel Booking Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria and want to take a relaxing, weekend holiday away, or you are a tourist and trying to find the best place to stay for your holiday, you might be needing some help in finding that perfect hotel room.

With many cities that welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, Nigeria is becoming a holiday destination of choice. These websites will help you find the best hotel room, as well as help you book some of your other essentials. is an online hotel booking site specializing in accommodation within Nigeria. They manage your booking from start to finish and ensure the process is smooth and pain-free. Their massive database allows you to find exactly what you are looking for from across the country.

Within their database, they have 7138 hotels across 320 cities in Nigeria, making it one of the most comprehensive hotel booking sites in Nigeria. They have a hotel that fits everybody’s location, needs, and budget.

Jumia Travel

Jumia Travel can definitely be called your very own one-stop holiday shop. You are able to search and compare thousands of hotels, as well as book flights and car rental, all within a few clicks of your mouse.

They scour the internet to find all the best deals on hotel rooms, flights, and car rentals and allow you to compare each one to find the best option. They have something for absolutely everyone.

Agoda is another site that allows you to book flights and accommodation by simply selecting your destination, choosing your travel dates, and every possible option will come up for you to choose from.

Agoda has a database of more than 813 hotels in 37 different cities across Nigeria. This is a great site for tourists as there are many options for the more popular cities such as Lagos and Abuja. is one of the biggest online travel agencies in the world. They have tens of thousands of hotels on their database, covering almost every country and city in the world. They should be the first site you go to when booking a holiday.

They have everything from hostels to game park hotels and 5-star resorts. They have an option suited to every conceivable budget, date, and need. With more than one and a half million rooms booked on their site every day, it’s clear that they are definitely leaders in their field.


Cleartrip has hotel and flight listing for every major, and even many of the smaller cities in Nigeria. They often have sales, allowing you to pick up accommodation or flights at a cheaper price, but not always on the dates you prefer.

You can book hotel rooms, flights, and train tickets if you are not going to be renting a car. There wide selection and sales make Cleartrip a great option if you are trying to find that one special deal.


Trivago is famous worldwide for being one of the best and biggest search and comparison sites on the internet. With hundreds of thousands of listings, and more and more being added each day, there is no way you can’t find what you are looking for.

The process is also incredibly simple. By putting in your destination and travel dates, Trivago will find every option that fits your criteria, and then you can quickly compare each one to find the right option for you and your budget.


Based in Cape Town, Travelstart has quickly become one of the biggest online travel agencies in Africa. Specialising in African destinations, with thousands of hotels to choose from, using Travelstart to plan your holiday is a no-brainer.

They also have thousands of experts across the continent ready to help you with your booking, fix any problems you may have, and answer any queries. Their goal is to allow you to spend less time fussing over a booking, and more time enjoying your holiday.

Using these sites will allow you to get a much more comprehensive idea of what all your options are when booking a hotel. If you are going to be spending a lot of money, you want to be sure you are spending it on something that is worth it, these sites will make sure of that.

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