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About Fly Mid Africa

Fly Mid Africa is an African airline, servicing Central-African and West-Africa countries. Relatively new, the airline opened in 2014. Their aim is to bring an emblematic airline for the Central and West African area. With a high level of customer service, they take their passenger’s safety very seriously. Both Business class and Economy class passengers can enjoy comfort on flights and great service.


General Flight Information

Travel documents

When you are travelling, you should have all the required documents available and ready for your check-in. These documents include your ticket, passport, Visa and vaccination certificates. Passengers flying with children should make sure that they have the child’s identity documents, such as a passport etc.



Check-in counters open three hours before flight departure, passengers should make sure they have enough time for the queues. All passengers need to be on board thirty minutes before take off. When arriving, give yourself enough time to check in and board the aeroplane.


Online Check-In

There is, unfortunately, no online check-in option for Fly Mid Africa.

Business Class Lounges

There does not seem to be any business class lounges available for Fly Mid Africa.

Domestic Flights

Currently, Fly Mid Africa only has routes to and from Lagos in Nigeria, which does not allow for any domestic flights within Nigeria.


International Flights

Passengers are able to take flights from Nigeria to many West and Central African countries; such as, Ghana, Gambia and Senegal.


Fly Mid Africa One-way Routes Prices


No domestic flights available in Nigeria.


Lagos – Accra $1132.38

Lagos – Banjul $3071.68

Lagos – Freetown $4683.20

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Fly Mid Africa Return Routes Prices


No domestic flights available in Nigeria.



Lagos – Accra $2232.67

Lagos – Banjul $2428.33

Lagos – Freetown $10 747.74


Fly Mid Africa Baggage Policy

Checked in baggage

Free baggage allowance

Economy class passengers may check-in one bag weighing no more than 30 kg, while Business class passengers are allowed two bags not exceeding 23 kgs each. The bags must also fit in with the dimension restrictions set by the airline.


Excess baggage

Extra bags will be charged for, but there is a maximum of 10 bags per passenger. Any special baggage such as sports equipment or large musical instruments must be checked in as special baggage, and will usually cost extra.

Cabin or Hand Baggage

Passengers may all take one bag with them on board, Business class passengers may carry on 10 kgs, and Economy class passengers 8 kgs. Infants are not allocated any checked in baggage, but a foldable stroller and baby bag may be carried on board.


Fly mid Africa Contact Details

Email Addresses



Tel: +234(1)7647213/7918672/8903069

Mob: +234 803 304 5460

Tel: +234-9094768496


Official website


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