Ethiopian Airlines Booking and Flight Specials

Ethiopian Airlines Online Booking & Flight Specials

Book Your Flight with Ethiopian Airlines – Flight Schedule and Price Specials

Ethiopian Airlines is Ethiopia’s flagship carrier. The airline is completely owned by the Ethiopian government and was founded on the 21st of December 1945. It commenced flights in 1946 and expanded to international flights in 1951.


The airline’s hub and headquarters can be found at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. It serves 125 passenger destinations, with 20 of them being inside Ethiopia, as well as 44 freighter destinations.


The airline also has secondary hubs that can be found in Togo and Malawi. Ethiopian Airlines flies to more destinations than any other carrier on the African continent. It is also one of the fastest-growing, as well as the largest.

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Ethiopian Airlines Booking | General Flight Information

Check-In requirements

Travel Documents

Ethiopian Airlines cannot and will not be held responsible for any passengers missing flights or connecting flights due to incorrect or invalid forms of identification, invalid passports, incorrect boarding passes, or the incorrect visa/visas needed.


When travelling domestically, a passenger will need a valid and approved form of identification, as well as a valid and approved boarding pass, before they will be allowed through the boarding gates.


When travelling internationally, a passenger is required to have a valid passport, as well as a valid and approved boarding pass, and any visas required to enter the country the passenger is departing for.


To check-in, you are able to check in at the check-in desk, as well as at one of the kiosks located around the airport. Check-in for any and all flights opens 3 hours before the time of departure and closes 1 hour before departure.


You are also able to check-in online on the Ethiopian Airlines website. Online check-in opens 36 hours before your time of departure and closes 2 hours before the time of departure. This is the preferred to check-in method, as you can avoid any unexpected delays.

Business Class Lounges

The are two Business Class lounges located at the airport in Addis Ababa. There is one lounge for ShebaMiles Silver members, and there is a lounge for Star Alliance Gold members.


Each lounge offers a range of entertainment, beverages, meals, as well as all the amenities needed to do work, have business meetings, or simply sit back, and relax before your flight, or while in transit.

Domestic Flights

Ethiopian Airlines flies passengers across the country, serving many different airports. Some of the destinations include Assosa, Axum, Awasa, Dessie, Goba, Gode, Jimma, Mekele, as well as many others. Refer to their website for a full list of domestic destinations.

International Flights

Ethiopian Airlines international routes can take you across Europe, Africa, the United States, Canada, parts of the Middle East and parts of Asia. Some destinations include Israel, South Africa, Somalia, Oman, Russia, and many others. Refer to their website for a full list of their international destinations.

Ethiopian Airlines Return Route Prices

From To Lowest Price
Lagos Addis Ababa ₦582,662
Abuja Addis Ababa ₦607,836

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage

The amount of checked luggage you are allowed is dependent on where you are flying to. Please refer to the Ethiopian Airlines website for all the information regarding checked baggage relevant to the destination you are travelling to.

Cabin or Hand Baggage

When traveling Business Class, passengers are allowed to travel with 2 pieces of cabin baggage each weighing 7 kgs. When traveling Economy, each passenger is allowed one bag weighing no more than 7 kgs.


In addition to the carry-on luggage allowance, you are allowed to bring on extra bags such as handbags or laptop bags at no extra cost. Please refer to the website to find out what other items you are allowed to bring on the aircraft.

Excess Baggage

The fee for extra baggage is determined by where you are traveling to or from, please refer to the website for a complete guide on excess baggage charges, as well as the process for special baggage.

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