About Us

Cheap Nigeria Flights is a Nigerian's go-to site for affordable international and local flights.

Cheap Nigeria Flights is a travel inspiration and flight search site. We are there to make it easy for you flying to and from Nigeria – and make travel simpler. Their state-of-the-art technology is comparing flights from the main airlines like; FlyArikAir, Wakanow, Air Peace and Azman Air to find the best price for you! Cheap Nigeria Flights works in three steps; First you search for your flight, thereafter you compare the flights, and finally you book your holiday. Furthermore, the site offers interesting articles of things to do in Nigeria and to sign up to get emailed monthly flight specials.

The Founder

Matt Davison

Matt Davison

Matt Davison is the founder of Cheap Nigeria Flights. He has a passion for travel and has been traveling around the world and testing airlines and countries for along as he can remember.

With Matt’s mom being one of Africa’s top travel agents and his step dad being a pilot, it was only natural for Matt to create a go to resource to finding the best flights in Africa.

Matt started his career as a website updater. After a few years of working in the industry, he decided to start his own business helping people find affordable airlines and travel around the world.

Cheap Nigeria Flights is the result of that effort. The site provides users with detailed information on airlines operating in Nigeria, their fares, and tips on how to get the best deals.

The site has become a go-to resource for travelers looking to find the best deals on flights within and outside of Nigeria. In addition to providing fare comparisons, Cheap Nigeria Flights also offers a blog with travel tips, destination guides, and other resources to help travelers plan their trips.

Matt's goal is to make Cheap Nigeria Flights the most comprehensive and user-friendly airline fare analysis site in Nigeria. He is always looking for ways to improve the site and add new features that will benefit travelers.

Our Goal:

To make it easy for people to fly in and out of Nigeria, no matter the occasion